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Prof Martin Knight

BEng, MSc, PhD

Professor of Mechanobiology

School of Engineering and Materials Science
Queen Mary University of London
+44 (0)20 7882 8868


Research Interests

Keywords organ-on-a-chip, osteoarthritis, cancer, mechanobiology, primary cilia

I am a bioengineer interested in developing and using organ-on-a-chip and other in vitro model systems to study human health and disease. Much of my work examines role of mechanobiology and how this can be incorporated into in vitro models to more accurately prediction in vivo behaviour. This includes work on osteoarthritis, inflammation and cancer.

I am also particularly interested in using in vitro models to examine the role of primary cilia in disease processes and the development of potential drug treatment that target cilia.

I am a co-Director of both the UK Organ-on-a-chip Network and the Queen Mary & Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre. The latter provides access for researchers from across Europe to state-of-the-art organ-chip technology for fundamental research and drug development. The Centre also provides validated organ-chip models which include kidney, intestine, liver, alveoli and airway.

Current Funded Predictive in vitro Model Research

META-DORM - Mechanobiology of METAstatic and DORMant cancer cells in bone marrow lesionsPrincipal Investigator: Martin Knight
EU Commission - Horizon 2020 (£137,844)
01-01-2018 - 29-06-2020
Organ-on-a-chip technologiesPrincipal Investigator: Hazel Screen
Co-investigator: Martin Knight
MRC Medical Research Council (£479,339)
01-08-2018 - 31-07-2021
EPSRC Core Equipment CallPrincipal Investigator: Wen Wang
Co-investigator: Martin Knight
EPSRC Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (£125,000)
13-02-2020 - 12-08-2021
Organ-on-a-chip model of breast cancer bone metastasesPrincipal Investigator: Martin Knight
CR-UK Cancer Research UK (£268,711)
01-06-2020 - 30-11-2022
MICA: Organ-on-a-chip models for safety testing of regenerative medicine productsPrincipal Investigator: Hazel Screen
Co-investigator: Martin Knight
MRC Medical Research Council (£482,514)
02-12-2019 - 01-12-2022
Organ-on-a-chip Centre of ExcellencePrincipal Investigator: Martin Knight
Co-investigator: Hazel Screen
Emulate Inc. (£525,375)
20-08-2019 - 19-09-2023