CPM Affiliates Club

Together with our affiliates, the CPM develops innovative cell culture models, organoids, microphysiological systems and organ-on-a-chip technologies for drug development, regenerative medicine and world class discovery science. The CPM's members include engineers, bioscientists and clinicians working together on multidisciplinary research programmes that lead to industry relevant intellectual property. Industry collaborations are further supported by our technology transfer and business development teams and have access to favourable licensing conditions.

To ensure long-term development and innovation in the predictive in vitro models area we are further collaborating with industry partners to deliver training of our early career members that is strongly aligned with the requirements of the industry, therefore enabling access to a pool of talented graduates trained to industry needs.

Collaborative research projects are possible at different levels including short exploratory projects, part- or fully-funded PhD studentships (e.g. as part of our PreMMIR centre for doctoral training or iCASE projects), Knowledge Transfer Partnerships and full research grants.

Please get in touch for more information or to arrange a meeting with the Industry Programme Team.