July 2024

  Wed 3
 - Fri 5 Jul 2024
Image: EUROoCS Conference 2024Conference: EUROoCS Conference 2024
Milan, Italy
The EUROoCS Conference 2024 is a scientific meeting fostering worldwide delegates active in the field of organs-on-chip and microphysiological systems. EUROoCS 2024 will showcase the latest scientific advancements in the field and favour discussions on technological, industrial and regulatory challenges/opportunities. Topics such as (multi)-organ and disease models, organoids-on-chip, PK/PD modelling, technology platforms, read-out assays, standardization and qualification and toxicity among...

September 2024

  Thu 5
 - Fri 6 Sep 2024
Image: BioMedEng24 logoConference: BioMedEng24
Queen Mary University of London, Mile End Road, London E1 4NS.
This year the Annual UK Organ-on-a-chip Network symposium will be combined with the BioMedEng24 conference offering greater opportunities to share latest research in the area of predictive in vitro models, organ-chip technology, organoids and other microphysiological systems.