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Vahitha Abdul Salam

Dr Vahitha Abdul Salam


Centre for Cardiovascular Medicine and Device Innovation
Queen Mary University of London

Vascular dysfunction, Proteomics, Drug Discovery, Chloride intracellular channel protein, Pulmonary hypertension, Environmental Toxicology



Dean For Research FMD

Sex differences, Nitrite/Nitrate/Nitric oxide, Xanthine oxidoreductase, inflammation, cardiovascular

Ezra Aksoy

Dr Ezra Aksoy


William Harvey Research Institute
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London
+44 7732 373870

intestinal immunity, intestinal repair and regeneration, host-microbiome interactions, nutrient sensing pathways, phosphoinositol 3-kinase biology, inflammasome

Fran Balkwill

Prof Fran Balkwill

Deputy Lead, Centre for Tumour Microenvironment

Barts Cancer Institute
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London

cancer, tumour microenvironment, multi-cellular models, ovarian cancer, extracellular matrix, immunotherapy

Adrian Biddle

Dr Adrian Biddle

DHT Lecturer in Animal Replacement Science
Organizer for the Organ-on-a-Ship e-Symposia

Centre for Cell Biology & Cutaneous Research, Blizard Institute
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London

cancer stem cells, tumour metastasis, 3D tumour invasion, metastasis on a chip, organ-on-a-chip, machine learning

Diana Blaydon

Dr Diana Blaydon

Non-clinical Lecturer

Centre for Cell Biology and Cutaneous Research
Blizard Institute

Skin, Epidermal barrier, Monogenic skin conditions, Cell-cell adhesion, 3D models

Claire Bourke

Dr Claire Bourke

Lecturer/Research Fellow

Immunology, Population Health, Malnutrition, Inflammation, Maternal and child health

Matthew Caley

Dr Matthew Caley

Lecturer in Cell Biology

Blizard Institute,
Queen Mary University of London
07971 890473

Skin, Lipids, rare diseases, screening, Extracellular Matrix, Laminin 332

Sean Carlson

Dr Sean Carlson

NHS Clinician / Researcher

QMUL / Barts NHS Trust

Inflammatory bowel disease, Fungal immunity, Candida, Crohn's disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Microbiome

Jose Rafael Castrejon-Pita

Dr Jose Rafael Castrejon-Pita

Senior Lecturer

School of Engineering and Material Science
Queen Mary University of London
07897 216572

Skin Bioreactors, Droplets, Fluids, Instrumentation, manufacturing, skin

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