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Research at the QM+Emulate Centre

The Queen Mary+Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre hosts an expanding range of research and development projects. The Centre has helped win over £1M of research funding in the last 6 months. The Centre is open for use by external academic institutions and industry and can help support research projects by providing access to Emulate facilities, support from our Centre Scientists and routes to commercialisation.

Current projects include the following:

Organ-on-a-chip models for safety testing of regenerative medicine products
MRC Project Grant (2020-2024) £506,621
Hazel Screen (PI), Martin Knight, Elica el Haj
Queen Mary University of London
Further information

image: chip3

Organ-on-a-chip model to investigate breast cancer bone metastases
CRUK & EPSRC Multidisciplinary Award (2020-2023) £269,601
Martin Knight (PI), Oliver Pearce
Queen Mary University of London
CURRENTLY RECRUITING for a post-doctoral research assistant

image: Cancer%20regulation%20of%20cilia

Development of a synovium-chondrocyte organ-on-a-chip model with integrated biomechanical stimulation 
EPSRC OA Tech Network Plus - Pump Priming Grant (2019-2020) £9,068
Hazel Screen (PI), Clare Thompson
Queen Mary University of London
image: 1-organsonchip
Mechanical regulation of synociocyte response to pro-inflammatory cytokines
CONACyT PhD Studentship (2019-2023)
Martin Knight (PI), Hazel Screen, Clare Thompson
Queen Mary University of London
image: 20aa080ec6cdfed5230e5110c543eace
Novel Models of Tendinopathy on a Chip
CONACyT PhD Studentship (2019-2023)
Hazel Screen (PI), Martin Knight, Clare Thompson
Queen Mary University of London