Emulate Inc.

Emulate, Inc. creates living products for understanding how diseases, medicines, chemicals, and foods affect human health. Their Human Emulation System sets a new standard for recreating true-to-life human biology and is being used to advance product innovation, design, and safety across a range of applications including drug development, agriculture, cosmetics, food, and chemical-based consumer products. Emulate continues to develop a wide range of chips and disease models through collaborations with industry partners and internal R&D programs. Emulate is also working with clinical partners to produce chips personalized with an individual patient’s stem cells, for applications in precision medicine and personalized health. Their founding team pioneered the Organs-on-Chips technology at the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard University. Emulate holds the worldwide exclusive license from Harvard University to a robust and broad intellectual property portfolio for the Organs-on-Chips technology and related systems.

Find out more on the Emulate website: www.emulatebio.com