Accessing the QM+Emulate Centre

The Centre provides researchers with two main services:

  • Visit the Centre to perform experiments using the Emulate platform (only for those experienced in using the Emulate platform)
  • Pay for service, contract work for which our Centre Scientist will perform a defined experiment using the Emulate platform and provide samples for analysis

To request either of the above services, please email the 'Access Request Form' to and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements and costs for completing the work.  Decisions on access to the Centre are made by the Centre Management Team representing the Joint Steering Committee.

General Inquiries for Emulate: If you require quotes for chips or platform purchases or other technical information, please contact Emulate directly at  (users from QMUL should discuss any chip purchases with our Centre Scientist).

Letters of Support for Grant Applications: These are no longer dealt with by the Centre.

Collaboration: For collaboration with Profs Knight or Screen please contact directly. 


Forms and agreement documents: