Research Publications

The following journal papers published by the members of the CPM, specifically relate to the development and/or use of predictive in vitro models.


Di Cio S, Marhuenda E, Haddrick M and Gautrot JE (2024). Vascularised cardiac spheroids-on-a-chip for testing the toxicity of therapeutics. Springer Nature  Scientific Reports  vol. 14, (1) 10.1038/s41598-024-53678-w
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Verbruggen SW, Nolan J, Duffy MP, Pearce OMT, Jacobs CR and Knight MM (2023). A Novel Primary Cilium‐Mediated Mechanism Through which Osteocytes Regulate Metastatic Behavior of Both Breast and Prostate Cancer Cells. Wiley  Advanced Science  vol. 11, (2) 10.1002/advs.202305842
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