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Dr Adrian Biddle

Adrian Biddle

DHT Lecturer in Animal Replacement Science

Centre for Cell Biology & Cutaneous Research, Blizard Institute
School of Medicine & Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London

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cancer stem cells, tumour metastasis, 3D tumour invasion, metastasis on a chip, human tumour specimens, machine learning

Research Interests

Cancer stem cells drive tumour metastasis and therapeutic resistance. Understanding the underlying mechanisms will be crucial if we are to deliver better treatments for cancer, and we model this process using human cancer cell lines in advanced 3D invasion and microfluidic metastasis systems. We also use human tissue archives, which provide a wealth of information on tumour behaviour in the human body, including data on the clinical course of disease. We have developed new ways of obtaining greater information from these tumour specimens, including simultaneous measurement of multiple cancer stem cell markers and a machine learning approach for prognostic prediction.