Dr Simon McArthur

Simon McArthur

Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience and Pharmacology

Dental Institute
Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, Queen Mary University of London


Blood-brain barrier, Gut-brain axis, Gut microbiota, Neuroinflammation, Dementia, Diet

Cardiovascular Models, Infectious Disease and Inflammation Models, Neuronal Models


We are interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying the diet-gut microbiota-brain axis, and how gut microbes can influence brain function in health and disease. We employ a range of different in vitro neural and neurovascular models to study the pharmacology of gut microbe-derived mediators upon the brain, allowing identification of target pathways and systems for potential therapeutic intervention.


Publications of specific relevance to Predictive in vitro Models


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Grants of specific relevance to Predictive in vitro Models
Establishing a link between the gut-brain axis and Alzheimer's disease
McArthur S
£46,518 Alzheimer's Research UK (01-09-2016 - 31-08-2018)