QM+Emulate Centre Staff

SimonDr Simon Grossemy

Lead Centre Scientist
Queen Mary University of London

Simon received his PhD from the Swinburne University of Technology in Australia, where his research focused on Nerve tissue engineering. Having joined Queen Mary in 2020, he worked on an interdisciplinary MRC funded organ-chip project led by Prof Hazel Screen. This work, in partnership with Emulate, focused on an innovative organ-on-a-chip model designed for studying the intricate interactions within subpopulations of tendon tissue. The ultimate aim was to establish a predictive model to facilitate drug testing for tendinopathy. Simon manages the Centre's suite of Human Emulation Systems and has specialist training in the use of the Emulate platform. He leads development of new models within the centre and provides support and training for research teams in the design, preparation and analysis of their studies using the Emulate platform.

Email: s.grossemy@qmul.ac.uk
Location: 323, Engineering, Mile End

Dr Sasha BerdichevskiDr Sasha Berdichevski

Principal Scientist/European Science Liaison
Emulate Inc.

Sahsa obtained a BA in Medical Laboratory Science (Faculty of Biology), an MSc in Physiology (Faculty of Medicine) and a PhD in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering (Faculty of Biomedical Engineering) in Technion, Israel. Her research experience included investigating cytoprotective and cardiotoxic compounds on cardiomyocyte physiology; designing biosynthetic hydrogels for tissue engineering and developing imaging methodologies to identify host response to biodegradable implants. She has also established an injectable micro-carrier delivery system for cardiac muscle regeneration. After completion of her PhD in 2014, she joined the Engineering Department at the University of Cambridge as a Post-Doctoral Researcher, having obtained a Blavatnik Fellowship, followed by a Marie-Curie Fellowship. Her research interests were concerned with designing scaffolds for bone and capillary networks growth. In December 2018 she joined the IMED Post-Doctoral program at AstraZeneca, where she was working on evaluating hepatic sinusoidal zonation in Liver-Chip models.