Key Achievements

The Centre for Predictive in vitro Models (CPM) was established in 2020 as a virtual centre bringing together research across Queen Mary. The centre has already delivered the following key achievements (click the title links for further information):

  • Multidisciplinary Membership and Collaboration
    The CPM brings together a critical mass of 70+ academics developing and using predictive in vitro models across the faculties of Science  & Engineering and Medicine & Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London
  • Industrial Engagement
    The CPM affiliates includes representatives from over 40 industry companies and and 12 other stake holder organisations, providing opportunities for collaboration and impact generation.
  • Active Research
    Members of the CPM are actively involved in research developing and using sophisticated in vitro models and organ-chip technology, with over £8M of live research grants specifically in this area as well as multiple related research projects .
  • Organs-on-Chips Centre and 3D Bioprinting Facilities
    The CPM includes the CREATE 3d bioprinting facility and the Queen Mary+Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre, the only one of it's kind in the UK providing access to the state-of-the art Human Emulation platform. In addition we have various other commercial organ-chip platforms and extensive related laboratories facilities.
  • Research Publications
    Members of the CPM are actively publishing in vitro models research in highest quality journal papers.
  • PhD and Early Career Researcher (ECR) Training
    The CPM includes a mini Centre for Doctoral Training in Predictive Models for Medical Innovation and Research (PreMMIR) and organises training and networking events. We are actively involved in expanding our doctoral training in partnership with industry and other stakeholders.
  • Leadership of the UK Organ-on-a-chip Technologies Network
    The Directors of the CPM have lead the hugely successful UK Organ-on-a-chip Technologies Network (2019-2022) driving forward the development of the UK organ-chip community.
  • UK Organ-chip Symposia programme and other events
    The CPM runs the biannual UK Organ-on-a-chip Sympossium series on behalf of the UK community and organises other collaboration events and research sandpits for CPM members and industry affiliates.
  • Policy Shaping and Public Engagement
    The CPM is actively involved in policy shaping with the UK government, funders and other stake holders and is helping to raise public awareness of organ-on-chip technology.