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Queen Mary University of London
Centre for Predictive in vitro Models

Emulate Covid-19 Initiative

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Emulate, Inc is participating in the Organs-on-Chips against COVID-19 initiative (#OoCovid) and donating Organ-Chips to the UK Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network. This donation will enable researchers to use the chips for COVID-19 research to help accelerate development of therapeutics against SARS-CoV-2.

The repositioning and repurposing of drugs is an essential feature of current efforts to find treatments for COVID-19. Emulate’s current commercial products include the Liver-Chip, Proximal Tubule Kidney-Chip, and Intestine-Chip models. These models have the potential to provide key data on the safety and toxicity of drug candidates to improve translation of preclinical animal data and as such can increase confidence in phase I clinical trials. Additionally, Emulate has also developed an Alveolus Lung-Chip and an Airway Lung-Chip.

Members of the UK Organ-on-a-Chip Technologies Network are eligible to apply for these chips through the Queen Mary-Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre.  We encourage researchers to engage with the Centre where expert staff are on hand to provide support and training in the use of this platform or alternatively support the remote running of experiments. We strongly welcome opportunities for collaboration with Emulate and staff at Queen Mary University of London and can provide support for development and use of organ-chips, commercialization and translational impact.

Please complete the special Covid-19 initiative application form: Click here to download

Please return the completed applications to QM+Emulate Organ-on-Chip Centre ( by the 4th August 2020

Use of Emulate chips for covid19 research

For more information on how Organ-Chips can accelerate drug development for infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, please see Emulate’s webinar :