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Rhiannon David

Dr Rhiannon David

Director, Microphysiological Systems

Microphysiological Systems, 3D models, Drug safety, Toxicology

Naomi den Breems

Mrs Naomi den Breems

Territory Manager

Organ-on-a-chip, microfluidics, OrganoPlate, 3D tissue culture

Roy Edward

Mr Roy Edward

Sales Marketing Director

Sample Preparation, Assay Development, Cell Tracking, Cell Viability, Cell Proliferation, Fluorescent Probes

Jason Ekert

Dr Jason Ekert

Senior Director and Head of Complex In Vitro Models

Disease models, Drug safety, PK/PD models

Hossein Eslami Amirabadi

Dr Hossein Eslami Amirabadi

Managing Director

Organ on a chip, Hands-on training, Online platform, Microfluidics, Research and Development, Complex in vitro models

Lorna Ewart

Dr Lorna Ewart

Organ-Chip, Respiratory, Pharmacology, Toxicology

Charli Fant

Dr Charli Fant

Principal Scientist

companion animal disease, immunotherapy, autoimmune diseases, aging

Troy Fuller

Dr Troy Fuller

Research Director

Veterinary Medicine, Systems Biology, Target Discovery, Target Validation, Cell Biology, Functional Genomics

Nikolas Gaio

Dr Nikolas Gaio

CTO and founder

Organ-on-Chip, company, Microfluidic, Complext 3D tissues, muscle, cancer

Stuart Gibb

Mr Stuart Gibb


Organ chip, kidney, liver, lung, BBB

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