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Michael Jones

Dr Michael Jones


Protein stability and sustained release, Functionalized scaffolds and supports

Ann Kramer

Ms Ann Kramer


The Electrospinning Company


Doug Major

Mr Doug Major

Business Development Engineer

Automation, Platform, Development, Time to Market

Shonte Lia Miller-Howe

Miss Shonte Lia Miller-Howe

Inside Sales Executive and Product Specialist

Collagen, Cell Culture, Tissue Engineering, In Vivo to In Vitro, Organoids

Paola Occhetta

Dr Paola Occhetta


organs on chip, mechanical stimulation, cardiac model, osteoartrithis

Charlotte Ohonin

Mrs Charlotte Ohonin

CEO & Founder

Organoid, Brain-On-Chip, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Disease Models, Personalized Medicine

Jiro Ono

Mr. Jiro Ono


bioprinting, biofabrication, aggregate, artificial organ, scaffold-free

Marian Raschke

Dr. Marian Raschke

Investigational Toxicology
Bayer AG, Pharmaceutials Division, Reseach and Development

in vitro toxicity testing, advanced cellular models, organs-on-chips

Scott Robinson

Dr Scott Robinson

President & CSO

Pharmacokinetics, Viral Infection, Cancer, Liver Disease

Clive Roper

Dr Clive Roper

Director, In Vitro Toxicology

In Vitro Toxicology
Charles River Laboratories
07736 344451

skin absorption, investigative toxicology, safety pharmacology, 3D toxicology

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