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Clive Roper

Dr Clive Roper

Director, In Vitro Toxicology

In Vitro Toxicology
Charles River Laboratories
07736 344451

skin absorption, investigative toxicology, safety pharmacology, 3D toxicology

Ann Scott

Dr Ann Scott

Oral Care, Dentistry, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease

Marine Verhulsel

Dr Marine Verhulsel

Product Manager

Organ on chip, microfluidic, instrumentation, microscopy

Linda Wainwright

Dr Linda Wainwright

Senior Biologist

skin, epidermis, barrier, senescence, itch, in vitro models

Paul Walker

Dr Paul Walker

Head of Toxicology

Cyprotex an Evotec Company

Tissue Organoids and Microtissues, Toxicology, Drug Induced Liver Injury, Mechanisms of Action (MOA), Transcriptomics, High Content Imaging

John Watson

Mr John Watson

Business Development Manager

microfluidic pump, microfluidic flow control, microfluidic accuracy and precision, pulsation free microfluidic flow, microfluidic flow recirculation, compact and silent micropump

Donald Wellings

Dr Donald Wellings

Managing Director

regenerative medicine, 3D cell culture, Tissue repair, wound healing

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