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We actively welcome industry partners and other non-academic stake holders to be affiliates of the Centre for Predictive in vitro Models. This enables us to keep affiliates informed of possible engagement and collaborative opportunities and to discuss ideas to shape our research activity. The following companies are already part of our industrial affiliates club.

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Haysam Ahmed

Dr Haysam Ahmed

Contract Researcher

TNO Innovations for Life

liver-on-chip, disease model, 3D cell culture

Abeer Al Hubaysh

Dr Abeer Al Hubaysh

Research scientist

CAR-T cells, Manufacturing, Cell and gene therapy

Parham Ashrafzadeh

Dr Parham Ashrafzadeh

Account Manager

Lung, Liver, Gut, Single and Multi-Organ systems

Sasha Berdichevski

Dr Sasha Berdichevski

Principal Team Lead | Scientific Liaison

Kevin Bielawski

Dr Kevin Bielawski

Innovation and IP Manager

nanoindentation, mechanobiology, cell mechanics, organoids

Pelin Candarlioglu

Dr Pelin Candarlioglu


Oncology, ACT safety models, Efficacy models

Jay Champaneri

Mr Jay Champaneri

Business Development Manager

Stress Free Organoid Culture, Physiological 02 conditions, Organoid Processing, Celvivo, Protein Fluidics, Organoid Barrier Function

Jordan Copner

Mr Jordan Copner


Bioprinting, Scaffold, Spheroid

Johnathan Curd

Dr Johnathan Curd

Chief Executive Officer

3D cell culture, biomaterials, hydrogels, cancer biology, stem cell biology, drug screening

Eleanor D'Agostino

Mrs Eleanor D'Agostino


Oral Care, Dentistry, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease

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