Dr Bo Zhou

Bo Zhou

Postdoctoral Research Assistant

Queen Mary University of London


Photoelectrochemical imaging of live cells, Electrochemical biosensors, Electrolysis for environmental remediation, Biomedical Materials, Boron-doped diamond electrodes

Underpinning Bioengineering


My research expertise lies in photoelectrochemical imaging techniques. This label-free technique has been successfully used in live cell imaging and monitoring with high spatiotemporal resolution. My recent work on the measurement of action potential for cardiomyocyte organoids has proved the capability of photoelectrochemical imaging in cell monitoring in complex in-vitro models.


Publications of specific relevance to Predictive in vitro Models


Zhou B, Das A, Kappers M, Oliver R, Humphreys C and Krause S (2019). InGaN as a substrate for AC photoelectrochemical imaging. Mdpi  Sensors  10.3390/s19204386