Miss Xinqing Pang

Xinqing Pang

PhD Student

School of Engineering and Materials Science Location Queen Mary University of London


Self-assembled monolayers, Hyaluronan, Endothelial cells, Glycocalyx, Extracellular matrix, Biomaterials


Cells work on biomaterials


Publications of specific relevance to Predictive in vitro Models


Pang X, Li W, Chang L, Gautrot JE, Wang W and Azevedo HS (2021). Hyaluronan (HA) Immobilized on Surfaces via Self-Assembled Monolayers of HA-Binding Peptide Modulates Endothelial Cell Spreading and Migration through Focal Adhesion. American Chemical Society  Acs Applied Materials and Interfaces  vol. 13, (22) 25792-25804. 10.1021/acsami.1c05574


Pang X, O'Malley C, Borges J, Rahman MM, Collis DWP, Mano JF, Mackenzie IC and S. Azevedo H (2019). Supramolecular Presentation of Hyaluronan onto Model Surfaces for Studying the Behaviour of Cancer Stem Cells. Wiley  Advanced Biosystems  1900017-1900017. 10.1002/adbi.201900017
Pang X, Li W, Landwehr E, Yuan Y, Wang W and Azevedo HS (2019). Mimicking the endothelial glycocalyx through the supramolecular presentation of hyaluronan on patterned surfaces. Faraday Discuss  10.1039/c9fd00015a