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Miss Xinqing Pang

Xinqing Pang

PhD Student

School Of Engineering And Materials Science


Self-assembled monolayers, Hyaluronan, Endothelial cells, Glycocalyx, Extracellular matrix, Biomaterials


Cells work on biomaterials


Publications of specific relevance to Predictive in vitro Models


Pang X#41394#, O'Malley C, Borges J, Rahman MM#20417#, Collis DWP, Mano JF, Mackenzie IC and S. Azevedo H (2019). Supramolecular Presentation of Hyaluronan onto Model Surfaces for Studying the Behaviour of Cancer Stem Cells. Wiley  Advanced Biosystems  1900017-1900017. 10.1002/adbi.201900017
Pang X, Li W, Landwehr E, Yuan Y, Wang W and Azevedo HS (2019). Mimicking the endothelial glycocalyx through the supramolecular presentation of hyaluronan on patterned surfaces. Faraday Discuss  10.1039/c9fd00015a