Non-Industry Affiliates

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Elizabeth Baker

Ms Elizabeth Baker

Pharmaceutical Policy Program Director

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

human biology-based

Lilas Courtot

Dr Lilas Courtot

Science Manager

Animal Free Research

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Dr Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Senior Advisor for Toxicology

risk assessment, MPS, toxicology, reulatory science

Penny Hawkins

Dr Penny Hawkins

Head, Animals in Science Department

Replacement, Animal welfare, Ethics, 3Rs

Megan LaFollette

Dr Megan LaFollette

Program Manager

The North American 3Rs Collaborative


James Soper

Mr James Soper

Business Development Manager (Ximbio)

Oncolgy, Research tools from all research fields

Tanja Suligoj

Dr Tanja Suligoj

Research Sicentist

Quadram Institute Bioscience

gut on chip, gut barrier fucntion, mucus, intestinal organoids

Sandrine Vessillier

Dr Sandrine Vessillier

Principal Scientist

National Institute of Biological Standards and Control

Immunotoxicology, Cytokine release assay, flowcytometry