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Mr John Watson

John Watson

Business Development Manager


microfluidic pump, microfluidic flow control, microfluidic accuracy and precision, pulsation free microfluidic flow, microfluidic flow recirculation, compact and silent micropump


TTP Ventus has designed the multi award-winning Disc Pump™, which brings advantages in its compact form, silence, vibration-free operation, ultra-smooth flow and precise controllability. Disc Pump™ is enabling life science leaders to push the boundaries of their microfluidic and liquid handling systems, in pursuit of new and radical life-saving IVD systems and OOAC devices. Disc Pump™ has a unique feature set which brings the following benefits to Life Science applications: - Precise flow control and dispense accuracy - Pulsation free fluid transfer - Accurate pressure and vacuum control - Rapid response to set point changes - System miniaturisation