Dr Joanne Nolan

Joanne Nolan

Centre Scientist, QM+Emulate Organs-on-Chips Centre

Mile end
Queen Mary University London


Cancer, Metastasis, Organ-on-a-chip, Primary cilia, Extracellular matrix, Emulate platform

Cancer Models


Having joined Queen Mary in 2021 Joanne worked on an interdisciplinary CRUK-EPSRC funded project across both SEMS and Barts Cancer Institute. This work, in partnership with Emulate, focused on developing a new organ-on-a-chip model of breast cancer bone metastasis to study the interactions which occur between breast cancer and bone cells. Joanne manages the Centre's suite of Human Emulation Systems and has specialist training in the use of the Emulate platform. She leads development of new models within the centre and will provide support and training for research teams in the design, preparation and analysis of their studies and development of research proposals.


Publications of specific relevance to Predictive in vitro Models


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