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Industrial Partners & Affiliates

We actively welcome industry partners and other non-academic stake holders to be affiliates of the Centre for Predictive in vitro Models. This enables us to keep affiliates informed of possible engagement and collaborative opportunities and to discuss ideas to shape our research activity. The following companies are already part of our industrial affiliates club.

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Haysam Ahmed

Dr Haysam Ahmed

Contract Researcher
Department  TNO Innovations for Life

liver-on-chip, disease model, 3D cell culture

Elizabeth Baker

Ms Elizabeth Baker

Department  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

human biology-based

Pelin Candarlioglu

Dr Pelin Candarlioglu

Department  GSK

Oncology, ACT safety models, Efficacy models

Eleanor D'Agostino

Mrs Eleanor D'Agostino

Department  Unilever R&D
07792 484937

Oral Care, Dentistry, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease

Roy Edward

Mr Roy Edward

Sales Marketing Director
Department  BioStatus Limited

Sample Preparation, Assay Development, Cell Tracking, Cell Viability, Cell Proliferation, Fluorescent Probes

Jason Ekert

Dr Jason Ekert

Senior Director and Head of Complex In Vitro Models
Department  GlaxoSmithKline
+1 856 278-3919

Disease models, Drug safety, PK/PD models

Lorna Ewart

Dr Lorna Ewart

Department  Emulate

Organ-Chip, Respiratory, Pharmacology, Toxicology

Suzanne Fitzpatrick

PhD Suzanne Fitzpatrick

Senior Advisor for Toxicology
Department  US Food and Drug Administration
301 873 1145

risk assessment, MPS, toxicology, reulatory science

Nikolas Gaio

Dr Nikolas Gaio

CTO and founder
Department  BIOND Solutions B.V.

Organ-on-Chip, company, Microfluidic, Complext 3D tissues, muscle, cancer

Vivian Hallam

Mr Vivian Hallam

Department  Braveheart Investment Group plc
07903 163883

Organ on a chip

Michael Helme

Mr Michael Helme

Business Development
Department  Emulate Inc

Safety, Toxicology, Liver, Lung, Intestine, Kidney

Antoni Homs

Dr Antoni Homs

Department  R&D and Innovation
Location  Cherry Biotech

Organ-on-Chip, Medical Devices, Animal Testing Alternatives, Theranostics, Microfluidics, Biosensors

Gail Jenkins

Dr Gail Jenkins

R&D director
Department  Unilever, Beauty & Personal Care Division

Skin barrier, Skin ageing, Hair Biology, Axillary Biology

Michael Jones

Dr Michael Jones

Department  Cell Guidance Systems

Protein stability and sustained release, Functionalized scaffolds and supports

Ann Kramer

Ms Ann Kramer

Department  The Electrospinning Company


Doug Major

Mr Doug Major

Business Development Engineer
Department  LifeTech
Location  Festo
07584 889698

Automation, Platform, Development, Time to Market

Charlotte Ohonin

Mrs Charlotte Ohonin

CEO & Founder
Department  NORGANOID

Organoid, Brain-On-Chip, Neurodegenerative Diseases, Disease Models, Personalized Medicine

Carla Owen

Ms Carla Owen

Chief Executive
Department  Animal Free Research UK

Alpesh Patel

Dr Alpesh Patel

Grants Manager
Department  Animal Free Research UK

Marian Raschke

Dr. Marian Raschke

Department  Investigational Toxicology
Location  Bayer AG, Pharmaceutials Division, Reseach and Development

in vitro toxicity testing, advanced cellular models, organs-on-chips

Clive Roper

Dr Clive Roper

Director, In Vitro Toxicology
Department  In Vitro Toxicology
Location  Charles River Laboratories
07736 344451

skin absorption, investigative toxicology, safety pharmacology, 3D toxicology

Ann Scott

Dr Ann Scott

Department  Unilever

Oral Care, Dentistry, Gingivitis, Periodontal disease

James Soper

Mr James Soper

Business Development Manager (Ximbio)
Department  Cancer Research UK

Oncolgy, Research tools from all research fields

Tanja Suligoj

Dr Tanja Suligoj

Research Sicentist
Department  Quadram Institute Bioscience

gut on chip, gut barrier fucntion, mucus, intestinal organoids

Sandrine Vessillier

Dr Sandrine Vessillier

Principal Scientist
Department  National Institute of Biological Standards and Control (Nibsc)

Immunotoxicology, Cytokine release assay, flowcytometry

Linda Wainwright

Dr Linda Wainwright

Senior Biologist
Department  Beauty & Personal Care
Location  Unilever R&D

skin, epidermis, barrier, senescence, itch, in vitro models

Paul Walker

Dr Paul Walker

Head of Toxicology
Department  Toxicology
Location  Cyprotex an Evotec Company

Tissue Organoids and Microtissues, Toxicology, Drug Induced Liver Injury, Mechanisms of Action (MOA), Transcriptomics, High Content Imaging

John Watson

Mr John Watson

Business Development Manager
Department  TTP Ventus
Location  TTP Ventus
07724 828913

microfluidic pump, microfluidic flow control, microfluidic accuracy and precision, pulsation free microfluidic flow, microfluidic flow recirculation, compact and silent micropump

Donald Wellings

Dr Donald Wellings

Managing Director
Department  Spheritech
07540 803320

regenerative medicine, 3D cell culture, Tissue repair, wound healing