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November 2023

Dr Stefaan Verbruggen with students in the study/

Development of bone metastasis organ-chip supports identification of novel drug targets

16 November 2023

A new paper published in Advanced Science outlines findings by Dr Stefaan Verbruggen and his group at Queen Mary University of London. The study found that osteocytes can use an immune mechanism to suppress the growth of invading breast and prostate cancer cells. However, cancer cells can intervene to prevent ... [more]

October 2023

SurfEx logo/

Successful EU Doctoral Network grant - new organ-chip PhD available

18 October 2023

Prof Martin Knight is part of a recently successful Horizon Europe Marie Skłodowska-Curie and UKRI funded Doctoral Network (MSCA DN) entitled "SurfEx": Epithelial Exchange Surfaces – From organising principles to novel culture models of the gatekeepers of the body. We are now advertising a new PhD studentship based in Prof ... [more]

Dr Timothy Hopkins holding an organ-chip in the lab/

New organ-on-a-chip model of human synovium could accelerate development of treatments for arthritis

16 October 2023

Researchers at the Centre for Predictive in vitro Models at Queen Mary University of London have developed a new organ-on-a-chip model of the human synovium, a membrane-like tissue that lines the joints. The model, published in the journal Biomedical Materials, could help researchers better understand the mechanisms of arthritis and ... [more]

September 2023

Organ-chip presentation from QMUL/

CPM presentations at the BioMedEng conference

15 September 2023

It was great to see lots of excellent research presentations from CPM staff and PhD students at the recent BioMedEng23 conference in Swansea. There were presentations on various organ-on-a-chip models being developed at Queen Mary's Centre for Predictive in vitro Models. These included models of synovium, cartilage, bone, tendon and ... [more]