CPM presentations at the BioMedEng conference

15 September 2023

Organ-chip presentation from QMUL
Organ-chip presentation from QMUL

It was great to see lots of excellent research presentations from CPM staff and PhD students at the recent BioMedEng23 conference in Swansea. There were presentations on various organ-on-a-chip models being developed at Queen Mary's Centre for Predictive in vitro Models. These included models of synovium, cartilage, bone, tendon and various cancers.

The conference was a huge success with over 300 delegates presenting various aspects of bioengineering research. We look forward to hosting this large, expanding bioengineering conference at Queen Mary in September 2024. We will be sure to have a strong theme around organ-on-a-chip technology and other predictive in vitro models.

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