PhD Training

The current training plan consists of three virtual pillars as well as an in-person cohort induction event. This is part of the Engineering Better Medicine (EBM) virtual training hub where the PhD students will also benefit from a cohort-wide discussion forum and a virtual space to introduce themselves to their peers.

The three virtual pillars are:

  1. Research introductions made as bite-size & full-size video lectures by the EBM faculty members in our various areas of healthcare research.
  2. Method introductions made as a combination of virtual training content on core research skills such as statistical analysis, machine learning, scientific computing and advanced chemistry based on the QM+ resources laid out by various SEMS module instructors.
  3. Resources and facilities introductions made by the SEMS staff at four core facilities: (a) Super resolution microscopy facility; (b) Material characterization facility; (c) Mechanical testing facility; and (d) Nanovision Scanning Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy facility

Photos below from our recent induction event in the form of a Queen Mary Designathon which encourages the students to work together as a team on an engineering challenge to conceptualize and design a solution which they then pitched to a team of academics with industrial background. The event consisted of an introductory lecture making the students aware of the cohort training platform and a talk from an industrial speaker. 

Cohort Training

Please contact Dr Hossein Heidari ( for more information.