PhD Training

The current training plan consists of three virtual pillars as well as an in-person cohort induction event. This is part of the Engineering Better Medicine (EBM) virtual training hub where the PhD students will also benefit from a cohort-wide discussion forum and a virtual space to introduce themselves to their peers.

The three virtual pillars are:

  1. Research introductions made as bite-size & full-size video lectures by the EBM faculty members in our various areas of healthcare research.
  2. Method introductions made as a combination of virtual training content on core research skills such as statistical analysis, machine learning, scientific computing and advanced chemistry based on the QM+ resources laid out by various SEMS module instructors.
  3. Resources and facilities introductions made by the SEMS staff at four core facilities: (a) Super resolution microscopy facility; (b) Material characterization facility; (c) Mechanical testing facility; and (d) Nanovision Scanning Electron and Atomic Force Microscopy facility

Photos below from our recent induction event in the form of a Queen Mary Designathon which encourages the students to work together as a team on an engineering challenge to conceptualize and design a solution which they then pitched to a team of academics with industrial background. The event consisted of an introductory lecture making the students aware of the cohort training platform and a talk from an industrial speaker. 

Cohort Training

Method introductions are introductory tours and tutorials to QM technical facilities and equipment. This component of the PhD training program is designed to get our PhD cohort familiar with the capabilities of the various shared facilities and labs on campus that they are unlikely to visit or utilize throughout their period of research at QM. This helps us bridge the cohort's skills gap but more importantly to expand its scientific and industrial outlook of which is a necessity for the interdisciplinary nature of engineered medicine. Our introductions cover all facilities made available to the EBM cohort.

Photos below are from our monthly journal club presentation program. These sessions are two hours in length with three presenters in each session. These events not only broaden the students' perspectives and help familiarize them with other domains within their discipline, they also encourage our students to stay up to date with breakthrough achievements pushing the entire field forward. Students also have a great opportunity to perfect their presentation and communication skills with the broader community. 

Please contact Dr Hossein Heidari ( for more information.